Unlicensed, Unsigned, Unsealed EFI Global Report Hired by James Murphy to Deny Karen Gagnon Replacement Benefits Under Her Home Insurance Policy

Posted: October 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

How many things can you find fraudulent and unprofessional with this unlicensed EFI Global Report?  Note that the report is Priveleged and Confidential to the Addressee, James Murphy…if it is such a wonderful report why is it only for James Murphy, State Farm Ins. (whatever State Farm entity that is?)  Yet, the Town of Merrimack, NH Building code Enforcement has this Fraudulent Report in the Public Files for 52 Naticook Rd., Merrimack, NH.  Why would the Town of Merrimack, NH ever accept a third party privileged and confidential report that is unlicensed, unsealed, unsigned and fraudulent that would never meet local town building codes? See link for July 12, 2010, Nashua Telegraph Article by Ashley Smith:  http://www.nashuatelegraph.com/news/793918-196/merrimack-couple-accuse-insurance-company-of-not.html?i=1.  State Farm never brought in the Town of Merrimack, NH instead they brought in Edgar Eslinger to cover up for their fraud.

See some of the EFI Global Engineer in action at You Tube:

(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaZ8SVmlX2U ) “Mickey Mouse Measurement”  You call this a measurement?/?/?

http://youtu.be/CobGlQAQvh0 )  The best part of this video is that the EFI Global Fraudulent Engineer barely measure a “new” rafter but the fraudulent report states that the “original rafters are oversized.”  What measurement is “oversized”?  Not only is there no measurement of the original rafter, the EFI Global Fraudulent Engineer did not even include a review of the original house plans from the local town building department…so how does one come to this conclusion?  Ouch!!!!

By the way, State Farm has not provided the appraisals for the home.  One has to wonder why as this is a requirement of NH Insurance RSAs to provide the policyholder with this information?

Here are pictures of what EFI Global Unlicensed Engineer report states is okay to ice-blast instead of replacement:

Ooozing Resin Tar from Roof Rafter due to extreme heat and fire damage

This Fraudulent Engineer Report was referred to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office from the State of New Hampshire Joint Board of Licensures.  The Question of the Day is whether the State of New Hampshire will do the right thing and prosecute?  This Fraudulent EFI Global report has been in the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office since July 2010.  When can Karen Gagnon have justice?

Hey Liberty Mutual…check out this low-balling by the Insurance Company, State Farm Ins., not Bergeron Construction Company, Inc. who is State Farm’s Premier Service Provider vendor assigned and directed to perform illegal work by State Farm’s Adjuster, Ms. Sara W.

Here’s the Fraudulent EFI Global Report Distributed by James Murphy: 

(NOTE: The color photos are not that of EFI Global’s Engineers, they are third party photos to show you what EFI Global Engineers did not want to document the charred, heat, and split wood frame members throughout the home, but these are examples of what the EFI Global engineer was looking at.  No wonder why EFI Global did not want to sign the Fraudulent Report)


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