Fraudulent and Criminal Attorneys colluding with New Hampshire State Agencies and New Hampshire Court Systems and others who will be Named, with evidence, who did not step up and to do the right thing and protect the U.S. Bill of Rights and honor the Attorney Code of Ethics who are sworn in under oath, by the court at the time of his/her earnings of a J.D…….Oh by the way…….Client #1550 from Wiggin and Nourie’s, Dennis T. Ducharme is “State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company”…..lots of true attest copies

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VOID Writ of Summons entered by Hillsborough Superior court Clerks on October 6, 2010, or one day after required return date of October 5, 2010. First of many fraudulent and disputable court stampings with wrong dates and times.   No signature from Plaintiff, Karen Gagnon. karen Gagnon is not named on the writ of summons and an illegal non-entity “State FArm Insurance company” is named on the writ.

The following documents are from various fraudulent court dockets in NH to Fraud Karen Gagnon from recieving due process and to expose the Fraudulent and Corrupt Court Proceedings in New Hampshire for all to pontificate and start to ponder why our country is in trouble.  Our basic Bill of Rights are in jeopardy as the State of New Hampshire does not uphold a citizens’ right to due process and equal application of the law amongst its citizens.

Given:  Dennis T. Ducharme, Esquire of Wiggin & Nourie was not retained by State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company v. Karen Gagnon (the only policyholder for 52 Naticook Rd., Merrimack, NH 03054).  If one reviews the State Farm Fraud list of Dennis T. Ducharme’s client list #1550 represents “State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company” and Mr. Ducharme’s reference in his correspondece to all of Karen Gagnon’s attorneys and POA, Bonalyn J. Hartley and the New Hampshire Superior Court Systems is with his file #1550/62123.

So, to see the Fraud and Collusion that Attorney Dennis T. Ducharme has crafted in his Wiggin & Nourie internal files, you have to see that #1550 = State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company and #62123 = re: Michael and Karen Gagnon.

Now, here is the Fraud, there is no legal entity called “Michael and Karen Gagnon”….worse Mr. Dennis T. Ducharme keys the internal Wiggin & Nourie account as “Michael Gagnon.”  Now there is serious fraud here…since Karen Gagnon is the only policyholder with State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company for 52 Naticook Rd., Merrimack, NH, as this is an insurance matter and Mr. Dennis T. Ducharme knows that Karen Gagnon is only policyholder.  Also note that Mr. Dennis T. Ducharme never acknowledges that there is a law suit commenced in his client listings….just a item re:  Michael and Karen Gagnon (again not a legal entity).  Your legal name must be stated separately and in full.

When there are two or more persons on a deed of real estate property and only one is the policyholder, the only way to legally proceed with any damages is to create two separate law suits, one for the policyholder and one for the deedholders, to insure that there is no prejudicing or inducement (by action) that any one else is on the policy.  Further, all writs of summons need to have your full legal name and Defendants’ legal entity names must be properly stated and served to the NH Secretary of State..which never happened.

Mr. William Aivalikles, Esquire hired by Karen Gagnon, policyholder, fraudulently put an illegal name “Michael and Karen Gagnon, individually and Parents of Adam Gagnon” on the Writ of Summons, he also did not name any of the Defendants, except “State Farm Insurance Company, et al” which is not a legal entity it is a trademark name.  He also did not serve any of the required entities.  Nor did William Aivalikles, Esquire have the Plaintiff, Karen Gagnon sign the Writ of Summons.  The Writ of Summons was filed late and can not be a legal commencement of a lawsuit action and Judge Nicolosi knew this as the Writ of Summons was filed on October 6, 2010 or one day after the return date of October 5, 2010.  Thus, given all of the above, Karen Gagnon never had due process.  Her attorney, William Aivailikles, Esquire is in collusion with Dennis T. Ducharme made sure that a legal commencement would never happen.

Happy reading with these Fraudulent documents….notations of Fraud, Collusion will be made.  Will the FBI finally prosecute Mr. Dennis T. Ducharme, Esquire for the Fraud that he is.  He has stolen insurance proceeds funds in the amount of $67,318 and the STate of NH Insurance Department, State of New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office, nor the Governor’s office will make this Fraud pay for his crimes.

December 31, 2010 letter from Frauduent, Dennis T. Ducharme, Esquire finally revealing that STate FArm Insurance company is not a legal entity. So, why didn’t you file a Motion to Dismiss this entity during the first thirty days following the illegal filing of the Writ of Summons as required by law?  YOu know when it is illegal, Attorneys will use end-runs around the court system.

Here’s the collusion, how does Dennis T. Ducharme know the court case docket number assigned to this alleged docket?  Why is this filing not on official Wiggin & Nourie Letterhead?  In fact, Mr. Dennis T. Ducharme appears to be acting on his own with no involvement from Wiggin & Nourie (Law firm).  This is another perfect example of the Tortious Interference that Mr. Dennis T. Ducharme and the STate of New Hampshire Superior Court System and related notified attorneys allowed this fraudulent activity to pursue.

FRAUD! So, Mr. Dennis T. Ducharme, Esquire is filing a Special Appearance for illegal entity State Farm Insurance Company.

Here’s proof that William Aivalikles, Esquire stole Karen Gagnon’s money and never served Service Master Elite, Service Master Clean, Service Master AAA, CCaps, LLC.  Why was Service Master never served?  To fraud karen Gagnon and hide Service Master from the NH Department Insruance Company, as Service Master was allowed to rampage the home a 52 Naticook Rd., Merrimack, NH post fire suppression…Fire Chief Michael Currier of Town of Merrimack, NH instead of securing Karen Gagnon’s home for proper investigation and identification of damage….the home was tainted by Service Master and its many men performing unlawful enviromental wastse (fire damage) without permits, contract with Karen Gagnon, policyholder and carrying wood and blowers, dehumidifiers, vapor sharks, ozone machines, etc. to try and hide the extensive damage of the home.  This was to low-ball the claim when the home easily was damaged in excess of 75% of the ACV of the home, which local ordinace then requires full demolition of the home.

Even worse, the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office, Consumer Protection Bureau, knew that this was an illegal writ of summons, given all of the reasons, previously noted above.

Illegal Motion, Illegal docket number 10-C-440?????  How did the Court System accept this fraudulent filing with no appearance and the filing docket number and caption is intentionally wrong.  again not filed on Wiggin & Nourie letterhead the heading of parties are illegal as the filing is referring to the illegal entity State FArm Insurance Company yet the pleading states STate Farm Fire & Casualty Company, when there has been no filed appearance in this fraudulent docket by either STate Farm Fire & Casualty Company and STate Farm Mutual Autombile INsruance Company.  Worse, why would Plaintiff’s Attorney, William Aivalikles not file for Default Judgement against State FArm Mutual Automobile Insruance Company and State FArm Fire Casualty Company for failure to file on or before the return date of October 5, 2010.  Even worse, why would Judge Nicolosi allow this fradulent proceedings to happen in her court?  Also, not on Wiggin & Nourie letterhead and Dennis T. Ducharme, Esquire signs this letter as a representative of State Farm Insurance Company….remember this is an illegal entity!!!!  Mr. William Aivalikles you are shameless for letting all of this to happen…you are intentionally misrepresenting your client, Karen Gagnon

On October 19, 2010, Attorney Aivalikles intentionally misrepresents his client, Karen Gagnon, by forcing her to give up her “expert witness” reports and testimony long before a structuring conference and Mr. William Aivalikles is fraudulent in stating that karen Gagnon has to provide this report within thirty days? What thirty day rule? The Court Filings are illegal and Mr. William Aivalikles should be filing for Default Judgement for his client, Karen Gagnon for STate Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance company and State FArm Fire and Casualty Company failure to file by the return date….but we all know that the writ of summons is void so all these filings and actions are not MOOT as Judge Nicolosi would say but rather abusive and intentional infliction of emotional distress to Karen Gagnon and her family.

Aivalikles stealing more money from client Karen Gagnon. Also why would there be no recovery from Bergeron Construction Company, Inc.??????  This proves that William Aivalikles, Esquire knows that Karen Gagnon does not have a contract with Bergeron Construction Company, Inc. and the STate FArm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company is responsible for its Premier Service Provider (vendor).


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